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A Never Ending List of WordPress Resources You Can Use

Monday, February 1st, 2010

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Our clients are predominantly wordpress fans and we are always asked about more resources that they could use. The Internet is literally flooded with so many good things for wordpress that is really hard now to actually point at something and say “there you go”. We thought we will make this a constantly updating blog post in series so that it eventually grows into a repository of sorts.

Blogging Elements -- This is a rather Interesting blog co-authored by Mike J – an Internet Entrepreneur and Ashwin Satyanarayana — a web-content developer and an Internet Marketing Consultant. Not only does the blog give all sorts of information on how to set-up a blog and run it but also has an interesting take on blogging itself. It is intriguing to see how these bloggers pick some seemingly ordinary things in life and relate them to blogging. While you are there, make sure that you check their WordPress Resources Page for even more juice.

StandOutBlogger By Thomas : This blog is close to what blogging Elements does, but seems to pursue a loftier goal of making a blogger do much more than mere blogging. But then, it goes a lot beyond just blogging. Thomas talks about Internet Marketing, Keyword Research, Offers discounts and much more. A very well-designed blog which focuses on producing quality content.

WordPress related resources, plugins, themes, SEO, etc

I stumbled upon this huge Mother-of-lists ( lists within lists, anyone?) and I thought it would qualify for a must add in this list of resources. WordPress plugins give life to a wordpress blog — not to mention incredible utility. Where on the virtual earth would you search for plugins you must have for your blog? Right here! Check out the following (Will be continuously updated):

WordPress Plugins

55 Favorite WordPress Plugins

This is, as mentioned before, a never-ending list and will grow continuously. We would obviously be very happy if you could let us know about some great list-type resources or any other repositories which have lots of information about wordpress. We will wait to hear from you.