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Unlimited Bandwidth*

Yep, because like Cell Phone Overage Charges,
Bandwidth Overages SUCK even more!

Our Hosting Give You More features is a pioneer in the field of web hosting and domain services who is dedicated towards our customers for rendering best quality services to our customers at an affordable price.

VPS Hosting

Rise in Performance

Total assurance of optimum performances, the serves offered by us has been assembled and configured by us. Talking about the architecture of our product, you will be able to enjoy a seamless performance as we use Intel next-generation architecture. Along with that, the NVMe SSD storage combined with highly resilient infrastructure covers you from all directions.

Virtual Server

A Committed Environment

When you sign up with us, you will get admin access on the virtual server. All the hardware resources you own can be used for hosting websites and business applications. The server environment provided by our VPS range helps in better management of the web projects you are running.

Web Hosting


A completely hassle-free and trouble-free experience, the VPS solutions provided by us frees you from the threats or struggles of hardware constraints. No risks of technical faults or requirement of upgrading your components and you still you have total control over the virtual server you are running. In addition to that, you will get web hosting control panels. The VPS solution also lets you select between the various pre-installed Linux and Windows operating systems.

Shared Hosting

Non-stop Traffic

When you have a limitation of the incoming traffic your server can handle, you will end up losing out on multiple opportunities. With us, the VPS server offers unlimited traffic with a maximum bandwidth of 2Gbit/s. Even when you are hosting services and applications that need higher bandwidth, the VPS server works effortlessly. All in all, your website visitors will always be rewarded with a seamless and optimal browsing experience, everything without any extra cost

Wordpress Hosting

Safe Backups

We have VPS backup options too, which is an external storage space, here you can securely keep all the data. Our control panel is very intuitive and user-friendly as well. It has a snapshot option so that you can take a picture of the virtual server with just a few clicks.

Cloud Hosting


Be it a production or pre-production environment, you can host all the business applications without any hold-ups via our VPS solutions. With the promise of minimal latency and maximum hardware availability, we have also been certified by SLA so that you always get a stable and consistent service.